Dear Friends and Family!

Chapelhill exists to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. And that isn’t limited to those within our walls. Since Chapelhill Church’s inception, we have been a church that is passionate about making a difference in our world.

We desire to be a generous church because generosity is a value here. We believe extravagant generosity is our response to God’s love. As we continue to give, we continue to experience His hand of blessing. Our passion to make a difference begins here in our own community and extends throughout the world. That’s why we are extremely excited about partnering with OneChild.

OneChild is a ministry of Child Champions who serve more than 40,000 children in poverty so they can discover hope and reach their God-given potential. OneChild works with indigenous churches to help equip these children by providing opportunities for transformational development: spiritually, physically, mentally, and relationally.

OneChild shares our heart to facilitate relationships that strategically meet the needs of “the least of these.” We know this is something God has called each of us to do! By sponsoring a child, you will be making a lasting impact on both a child and their family by providing nutritional support, medical aid, educational assistance, and most important, an opportunity for these children to learn about God’s love for them. Let’s continue to change the world together, one child at a time!

Pastor Dave

Chapelhill Church

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