Dear Friends and Family!

God has called us to care for poor and vulnerable children and to share God’s truth and grace with them. This is exactly what the ministry of OneChild does.

OneChild brings hope and life to thousands of children around the world. God has clearly brought us together with OneChild to break the cycle of poverty by sponsoring children.

I invite each of you to sponsor a child. With your sponsorship, a child will receive nutritional support, medical aid, educational assistance, and most importantly, will learn about God’s love and purpose for his or her life. Sponsorship makes a lasting difference for a child and even his or her family — and positively affects future generations!

One of the best parts of sponsorship is that it’s a personal relationship. You exchange letters and pictures, and you are a huge part in creating a new, hope-filled life for your child!

Let’s continue to accomplish vastly more together than any of us could ever do alone and build God’s Kingdom together, one child at a time!

In Jesus’ name,

Jim Burgen

Jeff & Kristy Nicolette

Lead Pastors, MVMNT Church

Fina Mkare



07/07/2017 (Age: 6)

Esau Thoya



11/11/2016 (Age: 7)

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