Dear Friends and Family!

Together the people of NORTHchurch are making a huge difference in our community. We reach the lost at all cost by serving those in need through the efforts of LOVE OKC but we refuse to stop there.

Currently, and for the past ten years, we’ve been sending our very own missionaries, resources, professional services, financial support, and prayers to the Dominican Republic. This is where some three hundred students are daily being loved and cared for by our collective efforts. Shannon and I prayed and asked God eleven years ago to give NORTHchurch a creative way to impact the world. He sent us OneChild.

What we found is a fresh and exciting opportunity to show our love to the poor and hurting kids in this country. Through our partnership with OneChild we’ve been able to help children in poverty; physically, spiritually and emotionally. Helping them reach their God-given potential by creating avenues for transformational development in spirit, mind and body.

Today, there are some three hundred children sponsored through OneChild that NORTHchurch directly impacts. Together we have a heart for children to receive nutritional support, educational assistance, medical aid, and lasting hope in Jesus Christ. So why not join the team effort and be one more person willing to change the world for one child through sponsorship.

I encourage you to consider joining the team and sponsor a child today. Together we can make a difference.

Rodney and Shannon Fouts

Lead Pastors, North Church

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