Dear Friends and Family!

I’m so excited to partner with ONE CHILD! OneChild is a ministry that sees a world where every child in poverty has a champion – someone who loves them and supports them as they overcome adversity. Will you prayerfully consider making a tangible difference with us and be that champion for one of these children?

By becoming a champion (sponsor), you will be helping children discover their God-given potential by providing them with nutritional, medical, and educational assistance. But most importantly, your love and partnership will gift these kids and their families with a community where they can experience the love of Jesus through the generosity of His Church.

Please prayerfully consider joining us in sponsoring a child and becoming a Child Champion. By saying yes, you’re choosing to make an eternal difference in a life and changing the trajectory of a child’s story forever.

There are a lot of things we throw forty bucks at every month that don’t really do much for us or anyone else, but this is something that could change eternity in these kids lives! Let’s do this together as we remain focused on our mission: Building God’s Kingdom, one life at a time!

Building God’s Kingdom,

Pastor Zak & Amber White

Jancarlos Blandon Ubeda



12/12/2013 (Age: 10)

Henry Muñoz



11/24/2010 (Age: 13)

Dayan Herrera



06/16/2016 (Age: 7)

Jeyssis Castro



11/26/2015 (Age: 8)

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